Priyank Patel

Founder & Director

Priyank Patel is an outstanding person with strong business attitude and effective leadership qualities. At the age of 27 he has more than 8 years functional experience in the global industry. he has excellent manner of handling all senior management roles involving each and every factor of the business. It is only his true devotion and diligence that elevated HR Infocare Technologies to its corporate status it holds in it world today.

Jinal Patel


Jinal Patel has an innovative personality with an extraordinary ability to managing HR Infocare to it/-/-s current status. she has demonstrated capability of motivating each and every part of HR Infocare. Her leadership in marketing efforts which include an extensive range of development activities intended to recognize market opportunities, develop and converse the company/-/-s value proposition, coordinate go-to-market activities, as well as guard and fortify the companys name.