Jquery Implementation


What is JQuery?

JQuery is one of the great libraries for implementing Ajax based applications, which simplifies the development of web 2.0 application for that its is very useful collection for the javascript programmers. In the word of W3C schools jQuery is a library of JavaScript Functions. Jquery Implementation

Why JQuery?

JQuery provides same simple Functions which JavaScript easily provide us then what/-/-s the use of JQuery? Because jquery allowed us many easy trick to use function and methods to make web 2.0 application, and can be handled by any designer as well. because of its really easy learn, more attractive and much faster then flash animation that the reason it is more popular  and demand among the developers.

The JQuery library contains the following features:
  • HTML element selections
  • HTML element manipulation
  • CSS manipulation
  • HTML event functions
  • JavaScript Effects and animations
  • HTML DOM traversal and modification
  • AJAX
  • Utilities