website migration


Website Migration

Website migration is the process of moving the files of a website from one web hosting company to another. A lot of businesses these days are finding that their old website now needs to be migrated to a better website platform. Logo design

Website migration is the transfer of a website from one web host to another. The move requires the migration of all integral website files to the new host. There are many reasons why a webmaster might want to change hosts, including dissatisfaction with disk space and bandwidth allotments, website administration features and website downtime. For a seamless transition from one host to another to occur, website owners need to research potential new hosts and undergo adequate preparation before the move takes place.

A migration can happen for many reasons:

  • You have expanded your website and need more web space.
  • You need more features (i.e. a database, shopping cart or multimedia file hosting).
  • You found a better deal on website hosting;
  • Or a relative/friend/colleague has server space and has offered to host your website for little or nothing.