We technologists are always looking for a better way to do things. We love the "best" solution. Technologists also tend to be skeptical of marketing pitches, which are geared more toward attracting customers rather than promoting a solution solely on its technical quality. In general, we technologists are wary of marketing. But in the real world, to get customers to notice your service, you need to offer more than the best solution. You also need the right marketing approach to promote your expertise.


If you are a web developer that sells software online, here are the basic software marketing methods that will help you boost your sales.

  • Continuous Search Engine Optimization
  • Submit your shareware to software download sites and directories
  • Affiliates marketing
  • Pay per Click campaigns
  • Write newsletters and press releases
  • Get involved in online forums and blogs
  • Write and submit articles

Technologists have an overriding problem: They are unskilled communicators. The cult-movie classic Office Space, a favorite of technologists, offers some valuable insights into communication issues and the usefulness of self-marketing skills.

After you have decided what you will market, you need to determine the area of expertise that you will promote and the type of market segment you should go after. Clearly, if your business is the likes of an IBM, an Accenture, or a consulting company with an extensive market presence, the answer is whatever market segment you feel can be profitable. This usually means the largest market segments around.

HR Infocare PVT LTD’s marketing:

At HR Infocare PVT LTD, We considered the following factors for marketing:

  • Geographic
  • Market segment popularity.
  • Whom you are selling to

One final thought in regard to marketing your expertise is that you must persevere. Making sales is not an easy thing. When we look at the percentage of sales that are made compared to the number of client contacts made, it is actually relatively low. It is important to stay in touch with a client. Our Marketing Experts are worked as the best in marketing that works best for you given your situation in the marketplace in which you are in competition.

We are providing marketing service in below area:


Consult PR
MD Learn
The farmerscuisine
Aseme Moving
Silver Fox Driving service
Ozanna Rentals & Event Management
Loren & Kean Law
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Life Story Last Wishes
COE Security
Recruit Advantage
Genuine Auto Spa
Local Vape
Golden Bridge Care and Support
The Spiritual Mall
Stallion Projects