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HR Infocare has been providing services in ColdFusion and PHP technology to develop the applications and websites for its customers.

HR Infocare mainly focus working on ColdFusion Development which is owned by the ADOBE. ColdFusion is one of the best, effective and very safe web technology in the world of IT, which give a developer to the freedom to create whatever they can logical possible that way ColdFusion can be the complete solution for the business. secondly,  ColdFusion is not an open source technology, which can find easily in the market that makes ColdFusion really safe and more effective technology in the

HR Infocare has been working with the ColdFusion since 2009 but our developer having a more than 8 years experience in ColdFusion technologies, who is working on 5-6 different application in a month where they can show their potential about the technology, which gives expertise to ColdFusion development in HR Infocare.

HR Infocare primarily working on the PHP Development which is found by Rasmus Lerdorf. The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most used wen technology in worldwide now three days. its an open source web technology, which gives a more option to the plugin with your application which makes a PHP faster, better and easier the all other web technology. HR Infocare having the well-experienced developer who can satisfy all our clients and make their dream to work on the web.

HR Infocare having dedicated web developer who can work on Wordpress and Joomla which is an open source CMS (Content Management System) which give users easy to plug in module and give a modern and friendly content management system where they can customize each and every part of your website. HR Infocare having 2 years of experience of working with Wordpress and Joomla.



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