event management system


HR Infocare PVT LTD is an extensive working solution for operating, selling, charging and managing Tickets Distribution for Tourist Attractions, Theme park and Cinemas. It is a completely integrated system with a versatile point of sale system Kiosk, e ticketing, Phone (IVR) and Mobile Ticketing. It makes the operations easier, faster and exact accuracy. Ardhas Event Management is highly efficient, time saving, cost effective and competitive. It has a cost advantage over traditional systems.

The solution includes unique original systems which deal with inventory, sales, payments and distribution management / variety of distribution channels / ticket printing solution / operation supervision / financial supervision / collective sales handling / customer service / discount mechanisms and much more. In other words, a complete working solution for all customers involved in tickets distribution.

Event Mangemnet has four ways to sell tickets

  • Online
  • Box Office
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile Phone

The system is designed for multi user and multi locations under one server. This improves the response time and enables a faster turnaround time of sales and day-to-day activities. Event Management connects geographically dispersed locations together with advanced and highly secured networking infrastructure by Internet and Intranet. Its extensible, multi-tiered architecture is based on advanced technology, including the Microsoft ® Windows operating system and standard relational database platforms.

Event mangement includes the following easy to use main modules

  • Ticket Management
  • Multiple Payment
  • Exhibition / Event Management
  • Tour Guide / Travel Agents
  • Offers / Discounts/packages / Compliment management
  • Administration
  • Gift shop / Food & Beverages
  • Reporting
  • HR / Finance Management
  • Patron Management