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Phonegap Application development

The use of applications on smartphones and tablets has been placed on high demand these days. So peoples are searching for the mobile applications which support cross-platform or application may execute on IOS, Android, Blackberry & all other mobile devices.

Phonegap is a cross-platform development technology. It is a developer’s democracy for creating applications for multiple platforms, display sizes, using a single development tool of choice. Phonegap is known as Apache Cordova which is a mobile application development framework created by Nitobi. Which is later purchased by Adobe system and rebranded it as phonegap.PhoneGap is a free and open source framework. This open source and free framework allows creating mobile apps and is used with standardized web APIs.Phonegap development

PhoneGap is a mobile-centric open source development framework that allows developers to build cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Phonegap makes it possible by providing reusable codes which saves a lot of development time and hence costs.Phonegap is friendly and futuristic.

Advantages that provided by Phonegap:

  • One set of codes can be automatically tweaked for a range of operating systems
  • PhoneGap is easy and developers can focus more on the design and processes>
  • PhoneGap supports native features and increases the functionality of an app to a great extent
  • huge range of development tools providing quick solutions
  • A vast JavaScript library
  • Less time consuming

Why HR Infocare PVT LTD?

We have experience of developing lightweight and less data-intensive mobile applications using PhoneGap. We help clients to develop their mobile strategies using PhoneGap framework.

HR Infocare PVT LTD’ PhoneGap app development expertise guarantees apps that are affordable, custom-built and have the kind of functionality that powers business growth. We make sure our PhoneGap apps deliver sustainable long term results for clients, ensuring they get every ounce of benefit they are looking for, from their mobile app.

Why we offering Phonegap development services?
  • Highly experienced in HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Collaborate closely to achieve the goal you have in your mind even when your project requires custom PhoneGap development
  • Hire Dedicated PhoneGap Developers
  • Engage viewers without spending a fortune
  • Boost business ROI
  • Provide solutions instantaneously at any time and with no delay with our 24/7 customer support
  • Well-versed in technology
  • Work as per your project, your requirements
  • Custom PhoneGap App Development


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