Task Management System


URL of Task Management System: www.hrinfocare.com/adminarea


The Task Management system uses to efficiently manage the work of his employees in HR Infocare Pvt. Ltd. The main purpose of becomes a Task management system was to have a well-maintained working strategy of his employees. The task management system also maintains a daily report of employees work. The task management system is designed so that the manager is assigned a particular project and task to responsible employees.

Benefits of Task Management System:

  • Proper scheduling, continuous, uninterrupted workflow with no delays and finish projects in time
  • Quickly assign tasks, allocate proper resources and define responsibility
  •  A clear understanding of who does what, when and for how much
  • Integration of all work to assure a quality project for the clients at reduced cost

In addition, a system needed to be developed with the following functionalities:

  • Checking the status of tasks and projects
  • Entering tasks and project information
  • Viewing tasks and project information
  • Manage tasks Priority
  • Assign multiple tasks in one project.
  • Assign multiple issues in one project.
  • Send mail to related employees or clients
  • Manage leave information of employees
  • Check daily reports by a manager to every employee with the use of the daily reports.
  • Reporting work to particular clients and employees.
General Features of the task management system
  • Creation of projects - projects are entered into the system to record the task
  • Deadline dates are optional and can be entered
  • Notification alerts are optional and the system can send notifications to employees and clients
  • Employee allocation - the system administrator can allocate tasks to specific employees. This can also be modified so that the next employee can continue with the task should it be a task where more than one person will be working on
  • Priority reports are available to display tasks under a specific priority such as urgent, high, Medium, Law, Critical priority, etc.
  • Process reports are available to display tasks under a specific status, such as In Developing, In Staging, In Production, Completed, New, Open, Close, Re-open, etc..
  • Date wise reports are available to display tasks/projects/issues in between two dates.
  • Completions of projects - once the task is completed it can be marked as completed and will disappear from the task list
  • Give information about the projects/tasks/issues which are handled by which managers.
  • Total time spent on projects can be recorded to measure productivity
Use Role and access in task management System

Task Management System

Other modules in the task management system:

News Module: Admin can enter news in the task management system. They can also edit and delete news from the news list in the task management system.

Event Module: Different types of event are managed in a company so admin can add information about the event in the task management system.

FAQ Module: Admin can enter information about the FAQ (Frequently Ask Question and Answers)

Slide slow Module: admin can enter different banners and images in the task management system.

Affiliation Module: Add/Edit/Delete information about affiliation or link.

Portfolio Module: Admin can enter information about different types of the website which are created by the company in the portfolio module.



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